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Oh, where do I start, I came across Dan and Anna's Sanctuary while I was on my lone adventure through Iceland. Dan gave me a lift and invited me to his place and this is where it all started. I was offered a place to sleep, food and they both made me feel like home. It was truly amazing, because we have known each other for only a short while. Later I was lucky enough to be able to participate in a newly created retreat of Dan and Anna. I can definitely say, for any future participants that you can not go wrong here. It was all very well organized, myself and other people had a lot of fun, we talked, we laughed together, spread love and most importantly we exchanged opinions and ideas about spirituality, health and many other things. But for me the biggest adventure there, was talking with Dan and Anna, they are the two people you want to meet and talk in your life. Hearing their stories, the knowledge that they have about many kinds of subjects and how passionate they are in what they do makes this retreat what it is. My last words are that the beauty of Icelandic nature and of Dan and Anna, truly make a wonderful combination, which results in retreat that you are going to remember and profit from for the rest of your life :) 

I was a part of the retreat only for a short while and by accident but I can definitely say this, Dan and Anna are amazing people that will care for you and make you feel welcomed and if you are looking for a spiritual guidance or health talk, there are no better two people that will be able to help you with that ;) Definitely recommend the retreat of Dan and Anna for anyone with open mind and open heart :)

Frábær hamingjuvika sem ég tók þátt í með nokkrum öðrum góðum gestum og gangandi, heilunarnámekið, fyrirlestrar, fæðið og stórkostlegar ferðir sem farnar voru, gleymast aldrei. Takk fyrir þessa frábæru upplifun og góð kynni. Ástin er í okkur sjálfum þannig getum við elskað okkur og lært að elska aðra og vænst ástar á móti. Kærleikur og knús :)
It was a fantastic week of happiness that I enjoyed together with other wonderful participants and guests. The healing course, lectures, healthy food and amazing tours will never be forgotten. Thank you for this wonderful experience and great friendship/kinship that we shared. Love is within us and it teaches us how to love and accept ourselves so that we can love others and be loved in return. Love and hugs :)



Let me first summarize the experience I had during this one week retreat in 3 words : “recognition”, “inspiration”, “celebration”. I could add “lovely” and some more, because the people who organize it are putting their hearts into making every minute of it a source of Love and a reflection of Spirit for everyone.

“Recognition”, because the interfaith purpose of the retreat was very powerful to reveal the fact that although everyone is on a different path, we are all being led to the same point of Oneness. People were very open-minded and each person instantly shined as a mirror for Truth, thanks to the great ambiance of friendship that was brought by the teachers.

“Inspiration”, because these teachers clearly meant to empower us and motivate our desire for the remembrance of our identity in Spirit. The teachings were well spread across and broad enough to give a good overview of the crossing points between them all. I loved how full of knowledge the workshops and lessons were, and the passion the speakers naturally expressed.

A “celebration” it was for sure also! We could build great new friendships and smile all day about how happy we were to acknowledge our infinite inner Joy together. There was no place for darkness, the Light being acknowledged as ever-present and celebrated! Loved it.

Two other very interesting aspects are the tours and the emphasis put on healthy food. This was very refreshing because the tours were a fantastic opportunity to discover the beauty of this country (you have never seen that before I’m telling you), and it was done so that we could also combine spirituality with nature. About the food, it was an insightful experience for me. I’m not used to take care of what I eat, but I truly discovered very valuable things about nutrition and organic / plant-based / raw food. Ask Anna everything you want about anything eatable, she knows! :)

In addition, I want to mention how grateful I am for the opportunity that was given me to share about the teaching I love so deeply (ACIM), during a cosy and friendly 2-parts talk. It was such a blessing to extend Love and see everyone remembering and expressing their radiance.

My last words are going to be : Go to beautiful Iceland, enjoy a moment of timelessness at this retreat, and remember that you are the Light of the world, with your brothers.



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