“Step out of the busyness of your life into the sanctuary of harmonious inner peace”  


A spiritual retreat with Icelandic nature adventure

Beth-Shekinah* Sanctuary is a tranquil hideaway set in the pristine hilly landscapes of Iceland offering a monastic experience to people of all faiths. In this well-being haven you can relax, unwind, immerse in contemplation and improve your health while enjoying the natural beauty of Icelandic nature. Experienced team will tend to your needs, share their knowledge and offer support in your inner-discovery quest, providing spiritual guidance that inspire, motivate and empowers. The Sanctuary‘s programme will revive, rejuvenate and awaken your mind, body and soul.

The Sanctuary‘s vision is to be a spiritual retreat that promotes ecological and sustainability-driven resolutions, and offers a wide range of health and self-improvement classes aiming at rejuvenation and transformation of the mind, body and spirit. With each transformational change we encourage a positive impact on the world.

At the moment Beth-Shekinah Sanctuary offers 3 day weekend retreats and 7 day monastic experience retreats.

*"Beth-Shekinah" is derived from Biblical and Rabbinic Hebrew. 'Beth' means house and "Shekinah" means divine presence, thus Beth-Shekinah means "house of the divine presence". The word Beth can also mean a construction for keeping or safekeeping and therefore suits well with the word Sanctuary.

Sanctuary Teachers


Dan Sommer


Sanctuary teacher of Life Coaching, Life Happiness, Esoteric Theology, Healing and Self Defence. He is also our tour guide.

Dan was born and raised in Denmark but has lived in Iceland since he was twenty. As a teenager he experienced NDE/OBE that shaped his life philosophies and influenced his life choices significantly. His 25 year professional career in military, security and counter terrorism took him around the world where he taught at police and military academies and worked on security related projects in 17 countries on 4 continents. Dan is a certified combat medic, close protection officer and counter terrorism expert. He is also the author of four manuals in the field of counter terrorism and protection. In 2011 Dan decided to change his life path and after obtaining diplomas in Ministry, Biblical Studies and Pastoral Counselling he took on a full-time role as the Pastor of the Apostles Church Beth-Shekhinah in Iceland. He serves his community as a spiritual teacher, counsellor and Reiki Master. His mission in life is to have a positive effect on the world through motivating and empowering people worldwide; and Beth-Shekinah Sanctuary was created for that very reason.





Anna Elizabeth Jemiolek

Sanctuary teacher in Health & Nutrition, Yoga, Reiki & Life Coaching.

Anna was born and raised in Poland but spent most of her life living and travelling abroad. She has MBA degree in Marketing and specialises in Art and Culture Marketing. Her professional experience and personal curiosity took her through countries like Netherlands, Switzerland, Ireland, Australia, Taiwan and the UK where her main focus of expertise was charity and NGOs' management. Her passion for Buddhism, travel, health and fitness led her to set out for a two year trip across several continents. During this life changing journey she had a chance to learn from the best yoga, health and nutrition teachers around the world while taking part in several spiritual retreats. She has visited 50 countries so far. Anna is also a certified Nutritionist registered with the British Nutrition Council and a Usui Teate Reiki Master. She teaches Healing and Life Happiness seminars worldwide. In her free time she loves spending time outdoors hiking, cycling and kayaking. Within her hobbies are photography, writing, handicraft, psychology, philosophy and neuroscience.




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